It’s a process, not a template.

Every project is unique, with its own personality, and we approach each with an open mind.  We have no preconceived ideas, nor do we defer to a style.  We resist the creation of monocultures, recognising that economic, social and cultural diversity is what is needed to foster vibrant, tolerant and cohesive societies.

At Moller Architects we see the boundaries of architecture as dynamic, as well as being about who we are and how we work with each other. Our process is collaborative and cross-disciplinary, which allows for fluidity, flexibility and potential for creative thinking.


Site & Context

Architecture should always respond to the environment around it, whether built or natural. But it's not just that simple. A building is a direct reflection of its time, and thereby the cultural and social environment.

Architecture is the programming of our cities, the manipulation of spaces, kindness to the environment and the fostering of community spirit.

Concept & Idea

All good ideas begin with a kernel - the central and most important part - good buildings contain a clear, strong concept that carries through from sketch to completion. We call the original idea the 'parti' and we work through the detailed interaction with others, to the completed piece of architecture. We call it 'the power of the idea' and it is integral to our design. The quality of a building cannot be judged solely by the way it looks, but also in consideration of the way it feels, and the way it performs long term, together with its respect for and contribution to the environment. 

Tradition & Craft

At its core, architecture is the `willing' of a building into being, from the abstraction of drawings and ideas into something to be touched, experienced and enjoyed.  All of our work revolves around issues of deep expertise, impeccable detail, a commitment to collaboration and a love of design.

Digital Technologies

We place a great importance on how our ideas are communicated. We come from an era of hand drawn perspectives and watercolour renders, with their soft textural feel. We combine these skills with advanced 3D modelling and renders to simplify the communication of complex ideas. We are currently exploring the possibilites of artificial intelligence.

Financial Viability

Behind every building, from modest and intimate rooms to extraordinary and monumental spaces accommodating complex needs, is a budget. Throughout the architectural process is the consideration of sustainability, culture and, of course, commercial reality. Every project needs to be financially viable as well as uplifting the spirits.


The planet is at an inflection point and architecture must be part of the solution, not the problem.

Sustainability is about longevity rather than tokenistic gestures. We are in the process of becoming a certified carbon neutral business. Over the past ten years we have reduced the carbon intensity of our operations by more than 40%.  Over the next ten years we have committed to maintaining our carbon neutral status. By 2030 our goal is that all projects designed by Moller Architects will be net-carbon zero in operation, be 50% more energy efficient and have 40% less embodied carbon. We are a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, and a signatory of Architects Declare New Zealand.


We have developed expertise in a number of facets of architecture including multi unit residential, educational facilities, community and cultural, industrial facilities and towers