ILE Learning Environments

Manurewa South School & Rosehill School

The project consists of a new classroom block for Manurewa South School with refurbishment of the existing Block 2 to become teaching spaces for the Rosehill Satellite School. The new block comprises 10 classrooms for Manurewa South School in ILE format, combined with service and teacher resource areas. A high dependency facility caters for all students. The refurbished block of four classrooms has been modified to become two classrooms plus dedicated staff facilities, high dependency utilities unit and administration space for Rosehill Primary School. This refurbished block also contains a new entrant class for Manurewa South School.

The new build location was determined by an extensive masterplan of the site. This considered future growth and needs of the school over the long term. The new build is located in an underutilised part of the site along the northern boundary to maximise open space for the school. This new building is stage one of a two-stage development, with an additional six classrooms planned for the next stage. The masterplan proposes to demolish some of the older classrooms in the next phase, replacing them with open space incorporating a school wharenui. 

The design proposition for the new building is a two-storey development that maximises open space. Classes are clustered into two and three classroom equivalents with breakout spaces for each classroom cluster following MoE guidelines for innovative learning environments. There are associated art and kitchen facilities for each of these teaching spaces, accessable from both inside and out.

The new building addresses the existing open space and teaching blocks with a two-storey verandah featuring outdoor teaching spaces and a bag drop that provides covered space for play. On the northern side, a single-level verandah offers sheltered teaching space and art activities. Clerestory windows on the upper level allow for daylight and sunlight to penetrate the upper level teaching spaces. All the teaching spaces open up to the outside with generous sliding doors onto outdoor play spaces.

The building is clad in a mixture of brick veneer and profiled metal cladding to respond contextually to the existing school buildings and align with MoE guidelines.