Masu Restaurant

Masu Restaurant

Masu is located on the Ground Floor of the Sky City Grand Hotel and sits alongside Al Brown’s ‘Depot’ and ‘Deli’ and adjacent to Sean Connelly’s ‘The Grill’ and 'Gusto at The Grand'. The design provides a spectacular restaurant interior combining a number of inter-related dining spaces, which form to create a unified and stylish space, articulated by a careful choice of materials, textures and detailing.

Masu opens generously to Federal Street and a bar and seating area leads to the Robata grill, the centrepiece for the restaurant, where a team of chefs prepare and cook.

The Robata grill is set at working height in the central zone, with preparation benches on four sides, one of which is placed alongside patrons sitting at a dining height, so that an interaction between chefs and diners can take place. An adjacent Chef’s Bar has an attached chef’s table which enables a direct relationship with the chefs and a sense of rejoicing and enthusing over the food and the experience.