Creating meaningful spaces in and around the buildings

NSP Apartments

This is a large mixed use development occupying a number of sites bounded by Hurstmere Road, The Strand and Channel View Road in Takapuna comprising of a mix of retail, premium and street front apartments together with car parking and service spaces. 

The mass of the development is broken into different blocks with the Channel View Road building primarily facing towards Takapuna Beach and wider sea views with the Hurstmere Road building engaging with the street and urban view but sharing a close proximity to the Takapuna Beach.

The Channel View Road apartment buildings are grouped around a series of courtyard and outdoor spaces to maximise views and outlook as well as provide at least two faces of each apartment to have access to fresh air and outlook for all living and bedroom spaces. There are a number of lift and stair cores to reduce area dedicated to circulation as well and providing an exclusive address for the premium apartments. Through site linkages are provided to connect The Strand with Hurstmere Green as well as from Hurstmere Road to Channel View Road so the development is able to be permeated with pedestrian traffic. Ground floor activities that engage the street frontages and laneways are a mix of retail, commercial and work from home activities The apartments are a mix of two, three and penthouse apartments each with a 3m deep balcony that provides a generous outdoor living space

The materials are a mix of steel frame and precast inter tenancy walls clad with a mix of terracotta, brick basalt stone and GRC large format cladding with aluminium windows and doors. The materials are used to further articulate and differentiate the mass of the building and the various components that make up the large scale development in Takapuna. The cladding also references some of the histories of Takapuna with basalt and brick cladding